A debate at the University of Connecticut Health Center was held on October 25th, regarding the validity of homeopathic medicine.  I was able to attend this debate, which can be viewed by clicking here

Although it was billed as “historic,” I don’t think that it lived up to its billing.  Those of us who practice and believe in homeopathy are past the kinds of arguments marshaled by the anti-homeopathy brigade.  It was apparent, though the points they made were often misrepresentations, misunderstandings, and refuted by evidence presented by homeopathy’s proponents, that their minds had already been made up.  In fairness, the proponents were hardly going to be swayed either, and we are obviously biased (but by experience and evidence, not the “implausibility” arguments mounted by the opponents).

Debates like this have their purpose, I suppose, but hopefully may lead to actual dialog, which might then actually be useful.  Still, this occasion, hosted by the Integrative Medicine Department at the University of Connecticut Medical school, may provide an opening.

Rather than extend my impressions, I urge you to view the debate yourself.  The site above works, but there is some black screen at the beginning that you’ll need to fast forward through.