6/10/2008 — Last week I changed my answering service.  While I expect the new service to function very well, I wish to stress again that if you need to speak to me on an urgent basis, please do not leave a voice mail, but rather press “O” to get a live operator who will call me. 

Please also note that I pay for this service by the minute used, so please keep your messages brief.  If you are my patient and you need to speak to me, I’ve instructed the operators to trust your judgment.

Similarly, if you do leave a voice mail message (which means that you don’t need me to hear your message until perhaps the next day I’m in the office), please keep the message brief.  Long reports are much better handled through email.

If you have any experiences with the new service which are problematic, please let me know what happened, including the date and time of the incident.