Iodine Update

December 5, 2008

I’ve written a short update to the iodine article, located near the top of the page.  You may access it here.  My understanding of the various issues regarding Iodine continue to evolve as I develop more experience, and I urge all of you who are using supplemental iodine to follow this evolution along with me, and to maintain contact.

12/5/2008 — As of the week ending on November 22nd, Influenza activity was slightly trending upwards, although still below the epidemic threshold. 
Again, you may view the CDC information page here
Because the epidemics of the past few years have usually begun by the end of the year or beginning of the next, and peaking in mid to late February, I’d advise beginning flu prophylaxis now.
Please remember that adequate stores of Vitamin D are also very helpful in raising resistance to influenza.  For those of you who have not been tested, and who don’t get much sun or who wear a lot of sunblock, 2000 – 3000 Units of Vitamin D-3 daily are quite safe.  If you have reason to think that you may be vitamin D deficient, you should be tested.