As of today, one death has been reported (a 23 month old child who evidently already had serious medical issues).  I detect a lot of anxiety regarding this outbreak, which may or may not prove to be unjustified.

An interesting article appeared in the New York Times regarding the natural progression of the 4 major pandemics in the last century.  If the article’s prediction comes true, we will see a mild to moderate epidemic now, but which might be followed by a more severe outbreak in the fall.

I have been in touch with colleagues in Mexico, who are primarily using Bryonia and Eupatoreum perfoliatum as the main remedies.  These are currently considered to be the “genus epidemicus” for the current outbreak, and if that holds up, these remedies should be preventive in an outbreak in the United States.  I have asked my Mexican colleagues to keep me informed.  From their description of the symptoms, Gelsemium seems another possibility.

I would advise all my patients to have these remedies on hand, in addition to the use of Influenzinum, as has been described in the influenza article on my website.

If you are unable to locally purchase Bryonia, Eupatoreum, and Gelsemium (all in the 30C potency), refer to the influenza article for instructions in obtaining Influenzinum.  The other remedies can also be obtained  through them.  As for a 2 dram vial, #20 pellets.

It is too early to use these 3 remedies, however.  Unless there is a definite outbreak, just keep them on hand.  I will instruct you further in this space as developments require.

Remember that Vitamin D is very effective, as I noted in a previous journal entry.
Anyone who is sick, feverish, aching, and with respiratory symptoms should STAY HOME.  If you MUST go out, use a good quality surgical mask to protect others.  Healthy persons are not significantly protected by wearing masks, but do achieve protection if the sick people use them.  The correct mask has a rating of N95 or higher.  More information on masks (and other issues related to swine flu) can be found at the CDC website (click on the links I’ve given).

Above all, please stay calm.  I will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with information.

Swine Flu update #2

April 27, 2009

4/27/2009 — I don’t want to repeat what is easily found on TV and radio news, as well as the newspapers. 
It is not yet known how virulent the virus is yet.  If virulence is low, the rates of hospitalization, complications and death will be low.  Human-to-human transmission is confirmed already.

Anyone who has recently been to Mexico, especially to Mexico City, and who has any fever with flu-like symptoms and/or cough, should probably seek medical attention.

For those of you not on vitamin D supplements, 3000 to 5000 units a day could be very helpful in warding off acute infection with influenza and is a safe dose.  Younger children can take 1000 – 2000 units daily with safety.

The main hygiene intervention is washing of the hands.  It cannot be stressed enough that this is extremely effective, as is the avoidance of contact with infected persons.  If a pandemic does occur, surgical masks will become common everywhere that people congregate.

Please refer to my website for the article on influenza, here.  The rationale for using, and the procedure for obtaining Influenzinum can be found in the article.

April 26, 2009

Swine Flu — A new hybrid form of influenza has recently emerged in Mexico, and cases have also been reported in this country (the southwest but also now in New York).  The new virus is a combination of human, pig, and bird flu.  This is potentially quite worrying but the degree of anxiety that we should have is not clear.  This virus is as yet still treatable with Tamiflu and Relenza (pharmaceutical antivirals); there is no vaccine for it.  It is too late for quarantine and containment, so what will be will be.

Flu epidemics are generally more serious in late fall and winter, when the weather is colder.
I have not seen any cases as yet.
Please refer to the influenza article in the website for how to deal with flu epidemics.
Vitamin D, hygiene (hand washing, exposure in public places, surgical masks, etc.), effective constitutional remedies, and the prophylactic use of Influenzinum are the main considerations.
I’m at a seminar right now so I don’t have time to write much, but I’ll keep up with the progression of this possible epidemic and send out timely updates.