Alert sent on 9/13/2009

September 16, 2009

Swine Flu Update: My recommendations regarding the swine flu can be found in the article on influenza  on my website.

The usual seasonal flu is also coming. I haven’t changed any recommendations regarding this, so the above-mentioned article applies.

Other developments

I will be giving a free public talk on September 30th at Windham Hospital. More information can be found at the Windham Hospital Integrative Medicine page.

I’d also like to announce that I have trained and certified in a Therapeutic Lifestyle Program called FirstLine Therapy.

 After trying this well-researched program on myself I began using it in my practice. While not a substitue for medical treatment, the program does address the root biological disturbances underlying many chronic diseases (adult-onset diabetes, many cases of obesity/overweight, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc.)

FirsLine Therapy, were it widespread, has the potential to fundamentally improve the health of our population, where 65% of adults are overweight. “Therapeutic Lifetsytle Change” is now endorsed by the conventional medical authorities as the initial approach to chronic disease, and drug therapy is recommended if such changes fail.

When I get time, I will post a more detailed article on my website regarding this treatment. The basics of the program consist of a food plan emphasizing an adequate protein but low grain, low glycemic load diet. The plan emphasizes a broad array of foods, including legumes, nuts and seeds, and fruits and vegetables.

Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) is used to assess body composition (percentage of body weight as fat and lean mass, distribution of water inside and outside of cells, and other useful information).
More information on BIA can be found here and here (the latter thanks to Jeremy Kaslow MD).

Proper body composition is extremely important for healthy functioning at the biochemical level. This is not primarily an issue of weight loss, although achieving proper body weight will occur as body composition improves. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are used, as are “medical foods” (in the form of shakes which contain vegetable-based extracts and other natural substances designed to help with blood sugar control, inflammation, detoxification, etc., as needed by the individual).

If you have any questions regarding FirsLine Therapy, Donna can assist you with the logistical details.

I’ll update the swine flu situation as more information becomes available. 

Death from Swine Flu — 9/16/2009

While the death rate from Swine flu is not higher than with the more usual types of influenza, because swine flu virus is very widespread, more people will get sick and there may be more deaths. 

The difference in the case of swine flu is that it tends to cause infection deep in the lung tissue, which is not ordinarily the case with seasonal flu.

This has been described in an interesting article describing autopsy findings in people who have died from swine flu.  This can be found at:  [Please paste this URL into your browser — for some reason my software wouldn’t create the automatic link]

Obesity, fatty liver disease (which often accompanies obesity), asthma, and heart disease were found in those who had died.  It is also known that children with neurological diseases and developmental delays seem more susceptible, although the reason for this is not clear.