The state of Minnesota has a highly effective public health system and an interesting notice came to my email today.  Their posting of this week can be found here.   The “Novel H1N1” is still present, and there is no sign of the usual “seasonal flu.”

The notice of this report that I received also states:  Also, a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune noted that seasonal flu viruses have been almost absent this winter and said experts are increasingly confident that pandemic H1N1 will be the only virus around for the rest of the winter. The experts also said the pandemic virus is likely to continue to predominate next fall.

Also of interest is another notice regarding evident suppression of respiratory syncytial virus (a common cause of viral respiratory disease) during this flu epidemic:  Pandemic virus may have interfered with RSV
Writing in Eurosurveillance, French researchers report that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) circulation in France in late 2009 was reduced and delayed compared with a year earlier, and that this might be explained in part by H1N1 flu. “The influenza pandemic wave of 2009 seems to have partially overcome the RSV epidemic,” they write. Viral interference and/or increased hygiene measures in response to H1N1 might have affected RSV activity, they suggest.     [Feb 11 Eurosurveillance report]

It is still too early to stop watching for more flu, but if we pass through March without difficulty, we should be set at least until the fall.  Then,  as always, basic good health, common sense, hygiene, and good vitamin D status will be very important.