I’ve updated the vitamin D page, adding more data regarding dosage, revisiting an old controversy, and introducing a new one.  Please see my article on Vitamin D, where you’ll find the new information at the top of the article.

Influenza Update

March 13, 2010

As of the week of March 6, 2010, although flu is still with us, particularly in the Southeastern United States where the levels are listed as regional and sporadic, most of the rest of the country has very little activity.  Maine is still listed as having regional activity.  All positive flu cultures monitored by the CDC continue to be the novel H1N1 type, although there are reports of Influenza B cases in China and other parts of Asia.

So unless you are living in Maine or the Southeastern US (but not Florida), I think that Influenzinum can be discontinued.  No “3rd wave” has yet materialized, and the H1N1 virus has not mutated to any significant degree.  Now we wait until the fall …

There is a very informative website, Elements4Health, which I encourage everyone to follow.  Today and article showed up entitled The Importance of Drinking Water, which describes how drinking too little water lowers the metabolic rate and negatively impacts kidney and liver function, and leads to reduction in the metabolic rate.  Indeed, I am one who is somehow able to get by on too little water, but I have noticed that when I drink more water, I do feel better!  One rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily.  So, a 160 pound adult would drink 80 ounces daily.  This does seem like a lot of water.  But then again, in our culture we think 6 hours of sleep should be enough (which is NOT true).