The CDC posted it’s first flu update of the season this week.  The current rates of flu-like illness is quite low, but of the cases that tested positive (3% of all submitted samples), 13% were the 2009 H1N1 virus (formerly known as swine flu, then the “novel” H1N1 virus), 16% were the H3N2 virus (known to be more dangerous to the elderly) and 33% were Influenza B virus.  The strains identified are similar to the strains used in the current flu vaccine.

Please refer to my earlier posts and my articles on influenza and also on Vitamin D in the patient education section of my website for more information.  Good hygiene, common sense, and adequate vitamin D status will go far in protecting oneself from flu.  The decision as to whether to immunize or not is, as always, the responsibility of each of us individually.

I’ll continue to update this journal as conditions warrant.

For those of you who take Influenzinum, you can start now.