According to the CDC weekly flu report, there is barely any flu around except in the southeast (Georgia and somewhat in Alabama).  Since the Southeast is often the first area in the country to report flu cases, I suspect that by January we’ll be seeing it move across the country.

This year’s flu is primarily type A (the “novel H1N1”, formerly known as “swine flu”, but more prominently AH3N2).

The currently available vaccines do “cover” the currently-circulating viruses.

For more discussion, please see my article on Influenza.

For those of you who use the homeopathic nose, Influenzinum, you may start taking it, one dose weekly.

I’ve revised the article on osteoporosis, to include some information regarding increased cardiac risk from calcium supplements (but not from dietary calcium).

I’ve long felt that calcium supplements should be restricted to no more than 300 to 500 mg above a normal diet, but even that may be too much.

The revised information and an associated link is in the 2nd paragraph of the osteoporosis article.