Influenza 2012

January 27, 2012

As one can see from the most recent CDC flu map, 9 states are showing local disease, and 4 are showing regional disease.  New Hampshire and Massachusetts are among those with local disease, so it is likely that we are on the beginning of flu season.

It is too soon to know whether this season’s flu will be mild or severe, but on balance, precautions are in order.  Please refer to the articles in my website regarding influenza for more information.  I notice that I haven’t updated this article in quite a while so skip the recent update on Swine Flu and just go to the orginal article that follows.

Please watch local news media should the flu become more active, and utilize common sense precautions if flu becomes widespread:  hygiene, including handwashing, avoidance of public places where possible, etc.

Please don’t forget vitamin D, which can be very helpful in preventing flu.