Influenza 1/9/2013

January 9, 2013

The flu season is certainly heating up, as can be seen here.

While I was away for a week between Christmas and New Years, so far I have not seen any severe disease, though a few of my patients have felt pretty achy and feverish for a day or so.  In the only case for which I prescribed, Bryonia was effective.  I didn’t test for flu as such, so I can’t be sure it wasn’t some other virus, of which I believe there are 2-3 different ones circulating.

The fact that I haven’t seen much proves nothing however.

An interesting point to note, which is referenced in the the article cited above is that for “healthy adults” the vaccine is only 60% effective.  Senior citizens will presumably experience a significantly reduced efficacy, as I’ve indicated and documented in prior postings.

But those numbers don’t include the possibility that vaccination may reduce the severity of the acute illness.  To the extent that immunity is stimulated by the vaccine, it takes a couple of weeks to reach maximum levels.  We should all take this into account.

As always, vitamin D, common sense and good hygiene continue to be good ideas.