December 9, 2013


When the recession hit in 2008 I decided to leave my fees unchanged (from their level in 2006) for the duration of economic hardship.  It is now almost 2014 and the prices we all pay have certainly increased.  While the recession is now technically over, unemployment remains high and many are still in distress.

As you know, I like to cover a lot of ground during a consultation, am a good listener, and I analyze a case through several possible “frames of reference” (conventional medical diagnosis and treatment, homeopathic analysis, nutritional status, understanding the interaction of illness and stress, food sensitivities including possible sensitivity to gluten, etc.)  Some of these frames of reference can be summarized under the heading of Functional Medicine.  This takes a lot of time.

I have tried hard to keep my rates at pre-recession levels because so many people have not benefitted from the economy’s “recovery”.  However, as the practice of medicine changes, I now spend much more time that is not face-to-face:  emails, case research, mandatory electronic medical record keeping, telephone calls, coordination of care, etc.  In my continuing efforts to avoid raising rates, I need to be more conscious of time spent, which hopefully will help with your waiting time as well.  I would like to continue to deliver thorough, personalized care under my current fee schedule.  Please see my fees and policies sheet.