Food 12/9/2013

December 9, 2013

Food:  In the beginning of the year, I began using a way of eating promoted by Joel Fuhrman, MD, and subsequently revised the “nutrition and homeopathy” article to describe it.


This way of eating, termed by Dr. Fuhrman a “nutritarian” diet, is extremely healthy, and has helped many sick people. There is no question that it involves a significant investment of time in shopping, planning, and cooking.  It is ironic that the “conveniences” of modern food supply, preparation, and agricultural practices, not to mention the economics and politics of food, all come at the price of health.  Then the country agonizes over the “cost” of health care…


In any case, I would like to report that those of you who have adopted this way of eating have done very well, with significant improvements in well-being and weight loss (where needed).


This way of eating is not an “all-or-nothing” approach.  Even a modest increase in high quality food will be helpful.  It should also not be considered a rigid way of eating.  Food sensitivities, individual differences, and logistics may force modifications in the plan.


I continue to encourage everyone to read Dr. Fuhrman’s first book, Eat to Live, and to watch the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”