Secure Email

December 21, 2013

TelehealthConnect:  This is my secure email platform, which most of you have not elected to use.  People with Macs have had difficulty using it, and in truth it is cumbersome and expensive (for me).  Fortunately, my electronic health record, Practice Fusion, is currently instituting a secure message system.  It is not quite ready, yet, and I don’t know how well it will function.

To use it, you will have to log onto your patient portal through, which I have invited everyone to participate in.  However, I suspect that very few of you have acted on the invitations.  Now, however, I think that it is more important that you do so.

If you didn’t activate your account within 30 days of us giving you a temporary PIN, you will need a new invitation.  Donna can do this for you but you have to let us know that you need it.

While there is no question that regular email has been and will probably continue to be simpler than the secure platforms, if my email every gets hacked (which has never happened so far), then I will have to inform everyone of a potential data breach and possible HIPAA violations, which is a scenario that I most certainly DO NOT want to have to enter into.  Accordingly, I may be forced to change my current policy and to  not respond to regular email with patients.

The office is currently closed until January 2nd, but if you need to be re-invited to PateintFusion, please call or preferably send her an email at and request another invitation.