As of the week ending 5/21/2016 (latest data available), Flu is no longer widespread in Connecticut or the other New England states (although it is still is in New York).  We were the last region to to be hit by this season’s epidemic, and are the last region for it to wind down in.  At this point we can consider it to be on it’s last legs, if not pretty much over.

Regarding the adverse health effects of cell phone and wireless radiations, I urge you to go to this posting at Natural News, which should give us all something to think about.

It has become common for women to hold their phones in their bra.  Men tend to place it in their front pockets.  If we don’t use the speaker function or ear-buds or (which emit electromagnetic frequency radiation as well), then the cell phone is right next to our brain when in use.

These all seem like bad ideas, and especially for children and teenagers, whose reproductive organs and brains are still developing.

I have several patients for whom both cellphone and wireless frequencies are very poorly tolerated.  They are probably like the “canaries in the coal mine,” more susceptible than the rest of us, but we are all being affected.