This film has been shown extensively in Europe, and is just coming to North America.

The website for the film can be found here.  Showings are being organized by local supporters of homeopathy, and all showing are supposed to have someone available to answer questions.  To cover the expenses of showing the movie at a commercial cinema, a minimum number of tickets must be sold.  I have purchased more tickets than I can use in order to support the effort, and I am hoping to promote the film here and in my alerts system.

There will be two showings in Connecticut — one on October 16th, at the BowTie Cinema in New Haven.  For tickets, click here.  As of this writing, only 10 more tickets need to be purchased in order to guarantee the showing.

The other showing will be in Hartford, at the Palace 17 Cinema on October 26th.  For tickets, click here.  50 additional tickets will be needed to guarantee that session.

Unfortunately, homeopathy is under attack in a number of places in the world today, most notably in England and Australia.  There are troubling indications that the same thing is happening in the USA.  I hope that this film is seen by a wide audience.  Thank you for your support.