Coronavirus 1/28/2020

January 28, 2020

People have started to ask me about Coronavirus, which is very much in the news at this time.
The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) just today issued some formal guidelines for healthy professionals, which can be found here.. Please click on the orange tiles for more exact information.

Basically, fever (not always present) and the symptoms of lower respiratory tract involvement (cough, difficulty breathing) AND contact (within 14 days) with someone who is under suspicion of having a coronavirus infection, OR actual travel from Wuhan or other locations where epidemics are thought to exist should make health care professionals suspect that they are dealing with a case of Coronavirus.

While Wuhan, China is the only current city where an epidemic has been established, this might change.

While we cannot at this time be sure of the extent of the problem, last night’s figure of roughly 27,000 cases with 80 deaths would indicated that less than 3% of cases lead to death, and those cases seem to have occurred primarily in people with other co-existing medical conditions.

These figures are sure to change, and as time goes by may become more accurate.

So far, human to human transmission has not been established, but that again may change.

From a treatment perspective, we have as yet no clear clinical picture upon which to prescribe homeopathically, and the effectiveness of conventional antiviral agents have not been established, although they are being used.

There are a large number of homeopathic remedies that might be used for fever and cough, and even if we add difficulty breathing, the list is still very large. In any given case, there may be “individualizing symptoms” that would determine a remedy for that person. If that particular remedy starts to be seen repeatedly, then it could be useful as a preventative.

There is currently no vaccine for this disease, and that is not likely to change for a number of months, at a minimum.

As far as other strategies for protecting ourselves, my article on Influenza contains the relevant information (common sense, hygiene, adequate nutrition and especially vitamin D, etc.)

Should non-travel related cases start popping up in this country, those who have other serious medical conditions, especially those who are immunosuppressed, will need to be especially cautious.

Anyone who is under suspicion for a Coronavirus infection will be reported to the Health Department and will receive special testing and observation (which, however, may well be done at home if the symptom picture is relatively mild.

I will update this post if and when more information becomes available