This will update the prior post.
Human to human transmission has now been documented, which is hardly surprising.

The most recent data shows:
— in China, the total number of cases is 11,791
— of the total cases, there have been 259 deaths (2.2%)
— 1795 cases are listed as severe (with no explicit definition of “severe”). If this number can be compared to the total (which may not be the case), then 14% of cases have been severe.

In the United States, thee are 8 reported cases, at least one (probably two, perhaps more) represent human-to-human transmission. They are all in quarantine and being carefully monitored, as are there contacts.

Again, both “severe” cases and fatal cases will primarily be among those who are already sick in various ways, smokers, chronic lung disease, immunosuppression (as in cancer patients on treatment, etc.).

As to the issue of face-masks, ordinarily surgical masks are probably useless outdoors, at this point, even if walking in population dense areas. That might not be true if epidemic conditions develop.

If you are in the same house with a Coronavirus-infected person, and especially if doing direct care, a surgical facemask may be helpful to intercept fluids from reaching the mouth or nose. This would include infected sputum. When removing the mask, it is important to not touch the front of the mask.

Hospital personnel are recommended to wear “N95” masks, which provide much better seals.

Frequent hand-washing continues to be the best ordinary defense at this time.

There been some reports from Chinese Homeopaths that the most common remedy for their patients with Coronavirus has been Gelsemium, followed by Bryonia and Eupatorium perfoliatum.

Gelsemium is characterized by great muscular and general fatigue, chilliness, and low thirst

Bryonia by desire to stay perfectly still and an irritable mood, averse to being disturbed. Any motion aggravates

Eupatorium has deep-seated pains in the bones with fever, and vomiting after drinking can be prominent

You can find much more on those remedies online.

Whether or not those particular remedies will be the most useful here (should there be a need) is not determinable at this time