3/8/2020: As everyone knows by now, Coronavirus is in the United States. The current CDC position statement should be read by all of us, and consulted at least every few days as the situation continues to evolve, and is located here.

There is a report of an infected person in Wilton, CT, who is presumed to have contracted the virus while recently in California. On Saturday (3/7) it was revealed that a New York physician who commutes to work at the Bridgeport Hospital tested positive for the virus. There are a small number of cases in Massachusetts, as well as in Rhode Island.

I am considering what my posture should be as this infection spreads in the community. I am quite prepared to continue to provide care by telephone or more preferably over the internet, should that become necessary. I do have a secure, HIPAA compliant portal that I can invite you to (provided that you have an internet connection). While not ideal, if the situation becomes worse, this may become prudent, or even necessary.

I can get remedies to people through the post-office.

Certainly if you or someone you know has traveled to China, or Iran, Northern Italy, and South Korea, you should be cautious and avoid human contact until you know that neither yourself nor the people you’ve been in in contact with are free from symptoms for at least 14 days. Even this may not be enough since the virus can be spread by asymptomatic people.

Anyone with a new-onset cold and a dry cough, and with fever is now considered suspect, and in this instance, you should not travel anywhere. In such a case, testing may be advised, although current criteria for testing still evolving and symptoms alone, without presumed contact, may not be sufficient for getting tested at this time.

The test is also in limited availability although I am told that Quest Labs and LabCorp are being sent test kits, so that testing should become more available and widespread as time goes by.

I want to stress that the risk here in rural CT is still very low, but it is likely that Coronavirus will spread and that the level of concern will increase as the next few weeks go by.

Lastly, I have received a suggestion from another homeopath, as to a possible “genus epidemicus” for Coronavirus. While I do not have this remedy (Tussilago petasites, or more properly Petasites tussilago), I have ordered it from each of two pharmacies in Europe who I regularly order from, and would expect to have the remedy within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the remedy is not currently available from the major pharmacies in the United States. Washington Homeopathic Products has it up to a 30C, but owing to a shortage of blank pellets, will not be able to ship remedies until the end of March.

At this time, unless you have actually been exposed, I am not recommending taking any remedy prophylactically. But in the event of exposure, or if the virus becomes widespread, I will suggest a dose of 30C, dissolved in 2 oz water, one tsp 3 times over the course of a single day (morning, afternoon, and before bedtime), one day only. I may recommend repeating this weekly in the event of a particularly strong outbreak.

I will continue to update these posts and my alerts as the situation develops.