Yale New Haven Hospital has created a telephone hotline for those who suspect that they may be developing a COVID-19 infection. Staffed by healthcare professionals, they can direct you to testing or appropriate care.

The number is 833 275-9644

On the prevention side, homeopathic practitioners in Taiwan and Hong Kong are finding that the most common remedies are Gelsemium, Bryonia alba, and Eupatoreum perfoliatum. They are currently recommending Gelsemium as the most likely preventive, but it could easily be either of these (or other’s as yet undetermined).

Gelsemium usually presents with profound weakness and fatigue. Even lifting a glass of water could be difficult. They do not want to be disturbed, but that is because they are too tired to participate in social interaction.

In Bryonia, there is usually a strong aversion to any kind of motion, which makes all symptoms worse. So they tend to lie still, and are very averse to being disturbed, usually reacting in an irritated way.

In Eupatorium perfoliatum, the most prominent symptom is strong aches and pains in the body and in particular the bones, sometimes described as “bone-breaking.”

I think that it is still a bit early to start prophylaxis, but that could change within a few days.

These particular remedies are not difficult to find locally (health food stores, some drug stores) but can also be obtained via mail order.

Washington Homeopathic Products and Hahnemann Labs are two US manufactures that I use.
The 30C potency will be adequate for this purpose.

Should you elect to use “homeoprophylaxis” I would suggest one dose (1-2 pellets) once a day for 7 days and then once a week. If the outbreak becomes widespread it can be taken once a day.

Until the situation clarifies, one could also consider Gelsemium 30C in the morning, and Bryonia 30C in the afternoon or evening, according to the above schedule. I usually don’t like using two different remedies at one time, but these are unusual times.

For those of you who are under constitutional treatment for any problems that involve recurrent contagious illnesses (flu, bacterial infections, etc) and are experiencing a good result, your present remedy may be the best preventive.

If you have questions, I will do my best to answer them. As the next week or two unfolds, there may be delays in my responding as I expect to be quite busy with all this. Email will be much better as a way of communicating.