3/16/2020 I have received and am ready to distribute a possible preventive remedy — Petasites tussilago. I use the word “possible” because, as I mentioned in a previous post, the choice of this remedy has not been arrived at through the usual homeopathic practice of seeing which particular remedy (or sometimes the top 2-3 remedies) are common in the actual epidemic.

It is important to realize that there is no guarantee that there will be any benefit from this intervention. The possibility of harm is extremely unlikely. Should you feel that you react to the remedy in some way, you should give me a call.

I am dispensing the remedy in a one ounce dropper bottle. 2 drops on or under the tongue is the dose which should be taken once a day for seven days and then once a week unless I direct otherwise, should the epidemic become severe. This should allow for prolonged dosing for a good number of people if we have to continue doing so.

The process will be as follows:
• Starting on Wednesday March 18 the remedy will be available in my office for pick-up. Because of the obvious problem of exposure to the virus, I ask that you knock on the door when you arrive. Do not enter the anteroom. Donna and I will be available Wednesday from 9-4:30 and Thursday from 9am to 2 pm. We will likely be gloved and will exchange the bottle for payment at the door. In order to protect you, Donna, myself and my family, please do not expect to enter the office, nor to use the bathroom.
• I will post pickup hours for Friday onwards, which will be of more limited duration until the office reopens the following Tuesday March 24th.
• I have to limit the distribution to one bottle per family, at least until I see the response to this offering. I have tried to anticipate the demand and to be prepared. If you have children at college who are still under my care I will mail the remedy to them, but will need their addresses. You can email that information to donna@drshevin.com.
• The fee for pickup will be $5.00, which should cover my costs. Please have that ready to give to Donna or to me. If you would prefer that I mail it out to you, the cost will increase to cover postage and handling, I don’t have a figure for that at the moment, but it shouldn’t exceed $10.
• This is intended for my patients only and I ask that you respect that. I cannot accept responsibility for people who are not under my care.
By picking up the remedy you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these instructions, and that you understand that positive results are not guaranteed.