The most recent information that I see is here. Drive-through testing is available in Hartford, Meriden, Bridgeport, Norwich, and Torrington, through Hartford Health Care.

You will need to call them, have a telemed visit, and get a referral. I don’t know if this will be limited to people for whom HHC are already health-care providers.

As far as I can tell, I see no drive-through centers in Rhode Island as yet.

In Massachusetts, as of 3/19/2020 I only see a mention of a testing center being set up at Cape Cod College in Barnstable. I don’t know if that is operable.

We are not yet at the desired point of testing for everyone. All testing requires an order from a physician, and it appears that asymptomatic persons, or possibly people with mild illness and no known contact or underlying medical conditions will not be able to be tested.

I will continue to monitor that availability of testing and post these result.