COVID-19 3/21/2020

March 21, 2020

As is obvious, the pandemic is affecting everyone. Please be sure that you practice proper social distancing, and otherwise comply with all the recommendations being made by the CDC and your state health department. I’m not including links because these are now easy to find.

I have not yet treated anyone who I think has COVID-19, although I’ve managed a few influenza cases with bad coughs over the last 6 weeks.

As far as Petasites tussilago, a possible preventive remedy, is concerned, I have distributed about 70 bottles and continue to do so. As I now realize that I underestimated my costs for the supplies and labor to meet the anticipated need, the new price will be $10 for pickup and $15 for mailing.

The international homeopathic community has been in contact regarding such clinical experience as has been accumulated. We think that there will be differences in the best remedies that will depend largely on climate and other local conditions. As far as the United States is concerned, we have not as yet treated patients that we know have COVID-19.

To summarize the remedies which have been found useful in other countries so far:

Influenzinum has been suggested as a possible preventive by good homeopaths in India, and of course this is already in use in my practice. See my article here.

Arsenicum album — restlessness, fear of contagion, a feeling of scarcity and a need to stock up on supplies, anxiety, desire to wash the hands, dry throat, fever, pneumonia and respiratory distress. This is interesting because fear and panic, and hand washing are all very common now. In Arsenicum cases, the combination of a great sense of weakness, with anxiety and restlessness are usually pretty obvious. Thirst can be high

Gelsemium — great fatigue is the most prominent, lassitude, muscular weakness, slow onset, chills (especially in the back), usually without thirst

Bryonia alba — also slow gradual onset, desire to be quiet and to lie still, irritable if disturbed, all symptoms are worse from any motion, dryness in the mouth usually without thirst

Eupatorium perfoliatum — Body pains are severe, often felt in the bones, even as if the bones were breaking.fever and chills with thirst

Veratrum album — Sudden sense or rapid progression to collapse, great coldness, restlessness, cold sweat, vomiting and diarrhea, great thirst for cold water.

Camphora — Also has rapid onset of weakness leading to collapse, mostly dry without much mucus, violent hacking cough, breath can be cold, icy coldness of the body. This has been a good remedy for severe cases in Iran.

Should any of the above remedies emerge here, I have these remedies and can distribute them in the same way as I am now doing with the Petasites tussilago.