I’ve attended two webinars today. The first, presented by Rajan Sankaran, a very skilled homeopath from India, was primarily focused on Camphora, which has been very helpful in severe cases in Asia, with sudden collapse, severe weakness, and severe coldness.

The second webinar included participants from Scotland, Belgium and several states in the USA. Of particular interest is the experience of a homeopath in Westchester County, NY, where the pandemic is severe, and who has been extremely busy treating COVID-19 cases.

She has given Petasites tussilago to a number of people, but in some cases (I don’t have exact numbers or a percentage) people have developed illness despite taking it. In those cases, the symptoms have been mild in most instances (which other participants have also noticed), but in some cases she has seen severe illness develop, and in those cases Camphora has been very helpful in a number of cases.

The other prominent remedies in her experience have been Phosphoric acid (also coldness and weakness but neither as intense as with Camphora, and with a desire for juices, refreshing drinks, carbonated drinks) and there can also be a sense of apathy in Phosphoric acid. I recently treated a patient with fatigue and sore throat who had a sense of apathy (indifferent) which was very unlike her normal state and she improved by the next day.

Bryonia is another remedy that she has seen several times (desire to be quiet, still, and undisturbed, irritable if disturbed, all symptoms worse from motion)

She has successfully given Croton tiglium if the only symptom is loss of smell and taste.

Arsenicum album has been only infrequently useful (as has been the experience so far in Belgium).

Gelsemium has been helpful in Scotland (only a few patients have been treated by that homeopath) but it has not been commonly used in Westchester County.

One homeopath became ill while in NYC in early March, and developed a severe and for her unusual headache with a sore throat, and she responded very well to Petasites tussilago. She has given out a lot of the remedy, and in families where one person has been more seriously ill, no other family member taking the Petasites tussilago has become sick in the past few weeks. This is not, of course, conclusive from a statistical sense.

At this point my sense of the effectiveness of the Petasites tussilago is favorable. In Westchester County, if people taking it still become ill, she will change the remedy, depending on the individual’s particular symptoms (again, Phosphoric acid and Bryonia have been common, but a number of other remedies have also come up.

I am prepared to dispense these other remedies. I can distribute these remedies as I have been doing with the Petasites tussilago. The next pickup date will be Tuesday March 31st and will continue through Thursday morning during normal business hours. If you wish to obtain them, you can email me and please copy Donna at donna@drshevin.com. Please be specific as to what you wish to have. Again, as before, there can be no assurance that any one individual will need any of these particular remedies. What I have described here is the first information I have seen which could be relevant to what our experience in Eastern CT is likely to be.