COVID-19 4/13/2020

April 13, 2020

I have not posted in about a week, primarily as there was not much to report.  The international homeopathic community has been actively communicating online, with some of the top homeopaths in the world teaching about the homeopathic approach to epidemics, and their particular experiences in treating patients during this pandemic.

Of particular interest is a report from the American Institute of Homeopathy that just came in this morning, reporting on the experience of a physician for a nursing home in France:

On March 27th, as part of a report on the AIH COVID-19 Data Collection Project and given the urgency of the moment, I (the AIH project coordinator) included verbatim reports from physicians in France and Italy who were treating COVID-19 patients.  The French account was from a French physician reporting on events in a nursing home in Lyon France.  In that account, it was said that all 120 residents of the nursing home had tested positive for COVID-19.  I have received a subsequent report providing far greater detail.  Those follow:

“On March 15, the physician in charge of the Lyon nursing home heard of the beneficial use of Camphora in Iran, he gave one or two doses of Camphira 1M to 118 out of 120 pensioners. He said he followed the protocol indicated in the Iran report. The pensioners in this retirement home are as a rule between 85 and 105 years old and with rare exceptions are quite handicapped mentally (i.e., dementia) or physically (i.e., quadriplegic) 

This retirement home is on three floors: there are 27 pensioners on the ground floor, about 53 on the first floor and about 40 on the second floor. The day after Camphora, fifteen pensioners developed diarrhea, but only on the second floor and for only one day, nothing serious, he said.

On March 19, the first cases with flu-like symptoms made their appearance but only on the first floor. He thinks that eventually all 54 of the first-floor pensioners became infected. Of the first 6 that he tested four were COVID positive. He thinks the other two would have likely been positive, as if they both died of the typical COVID dyspnea. He tested only six pensioners as he had access to only 6 tests.

Incidentally, the two pensioners who refused to take Camphora were among the first ones to die of the 10 who have so far died of COVID. When he saw that the epidemic was taking hold of the first floor, he treated everyone affected with Bryonia. He said that they all got better. However, two days after he stopped Bryonia most relapsed. He resumed Bryonia and they all improved again. However, some of these became worse with time.

He has had no Covid cases on the ground floor or second floor. However, no staff can cross to the other floors from the first floor without changing their entire PPE (personal protective equipment)..

The latest report:  only 5 of the severely ill pensioners with COVID still need to be monitored hour by hour and all five were doing quite well by the end of the night last night. It appears the hemorrhaging of lives has stopped, as no one has died since last Tuesday, thanks to Bry. (3 patients), Carbn-o. (2 patients), Hyos. (one patient) and Op. (2 patients).” [end report from France]

The take-home message here is that Camphora and Bryonia remain the mainstays of treatment.  Camphora is for late-stage disease with sudden collapse, severe weakness, and severe internal coldness.  Even the breath can be cold. Of course there are other remedies that can be useful  Bryonia represents an earlier stage of the illness, and may be used as a preventative (although it is not clear that Bryonia is the best choice for the current situation in the USA).

This report from France illustrates why I’ve acted to attempt to provide my patients with at least some of the medications that might prove useful, although my real hope is that it will not be necessary to use them.

In my own experience, over the last few months (since mid-January) I have treated several people with unusual respiratory infections, none (except possibly one) of which fit the classic description of COVID-19, but all of which were accompanied by low-grade fever, cough, a prolonged course, great fatigue, and some with conjunctivitis.

The first person, who became ill in mid-January had a severe cough with shortness of breath while coughing, fever, strong fatigue (partly due to lack of sleep from coughing at night), responded very well to Kali carbonicum;
One person with chronic asthma (but no acute respiratory distress) needed Gelsemium and then Pulsatilla, with a very nice response;
One person had very low grade symptoms which resolved without treatment;
One person with strong fatigue and a severe conjunctivitis responded well to Bryonia (COVID test negative);
One person with a fever for 4 weeks (but no respiratory distress, but who started to feel fullness in the chest) responded very well to Petasites tussilago (I had to send a higher potency);
One other person, living in NYC, with a cough but no respiratory distress, and great sleepiness, did not respond to Gelsemium but had a dramatic improvement with Phosphoric acid.  I think it very likely that she had COVID-19 but she was not able to obtain testing.

Several of my American colleagues have over the years noted that maintaining a good level of vitamin D seems to provide a good level of protection for Influenza and seems likely to do the same for Coronavirus.  As you all know, Vitamin D is something that I have stressed for several years.

Although the number of cases in Northeastern Connecticut continues to be very low, computer modeling suggests that this may change in the next few weeks.

Please take all the proper precautions that have been recommended.
I will continue to post as needed.