COVID-19 6/17/2020

June 17, 2020

Not much has changed since my last post. In my practice, I am not seeing any increase in respiratory or febrile illness in the last few weeks.

The New York times now follows COVID-19 numbers county by county across the country. The site for Connecticut can be found here.

The current numbers do show a slight uptick in the last few weeks in Windham county, more so in New London County, but have been falling in Tolland county.

Other states can also be accessed from that site. Rhode Island is showing a current uptick in Providence County, and Massachusetts is showing falling rates across all counties.

Some of the increases may be due to changes in the way that the statistics are compiled, with “probable” cases now being included, but I don’t know if that applies in Connecticut or the other states I’ve mentioned.

Nationally, as you probably know, with the recent re-openings many places are showing an increase in cases. As I have previously discussed, rural areas are relatively protected due to the ease of social distancing which is otherwise very difficult in more population-dense areas.

All this leads me to maintain caution. With attention to masks and social distancing, outings which are necessary are probably low-risk, assuming that your destination is not over-populated and is one where others are maintaining proper precautions.