COVID-19 7/19/2020

July 19, 2020

This is my first post in a few weeks because nothing much has changed, at least in the northeast US. Other areas of the country are not so fortunate, largely due to the premature opening from the “lock-down.” We are vulnerable to the same thing and need to continue to take precautions.

In my practice, since the 8 or 9 patients that I’ve previously reported on, I’ve not needed to treat anyone else in whom I suspected COVID-19. I did find out that one of those 8 or 9, that the sickest one was later confirmed to have antibodies to Sars-coV 2. This is the only confirmed case of this group. She was (in my estimation) sinking into a more serious stage when I gave one of the 3 remedies that I’d sent out. She threw a high fever that night, with delirium, and woke the next morning feeling much better. Within another 2 days she was back to normal.

The international homeopathic community is collaborating on collecting and analyzing cases, and we hope to have something that will demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of homeopathy.

An interesting video from a vaccine scientist from Cuba surfaced in my email the other day. She discusses her experience with vaccines prepared homeopathically. It is well worth watching.

A closely related 10 minute video clip from a recently released movie called “Magic Pills” should also be watched. This one will only be freely available for another 6 days, so I urge you to watch it.

Homeopathy has a very strong track record in the treatment of epidemic diseases, but this has not yet been accepted in conventional medical circles. Perhaps this time will be different…