COVID-19 8/16/2020

August 20, 2020

This will be a short post, as there hasn’t been much change, at least not for the better…

Re-opening has not worked well in many areas that have done so. In the Northeast, while the experience has been better owing to better leadership with regional cooperation among the states, there have been small “upticks” in the case counts, and schools and colleges and universities have not yet re-opened.

I have spoken with a number of parents, some of whom are also teachers, and as you might imagine there is quite a lot of anxiety around reopening the schools.

We still don’t have adequate testing capacity, a problem which is greatly compounded by delays in getting results.

I wish that I could feel more optimistic about the near future. My heart goes out to teachers especially, as well as to parents of school-aged children. There is currently some sense that school reopening could be safer for elementary school students than for middle and high school level students, who can at least benefit from online instruction. But we still don’t have enough understanding of the virus and its behavior to be certain of this.

As far as seeing patients in person, at the moment I am only seeing those people whose issues necessitate an in-person visit, and I am dong those visits outside, with masks and social distancing when near-proximity is not required. This have been only 4 instances of this since the pandemic started.

As you know, my office is small, and even to have myself, Donna, and one other patient in that space is questionable. I am looking into whether there is a way that I could improve the ventilation so that there is inflow of outside air, and exhaust of inside air to the outside so that there can be adequate air exchange. I think that is the main issue. I’m not sure how that would work in the cold winter…

Fortunately, I can do most of what I need to do by “virtual” appointments. I am hoping that insurance carriers will continue to cover these visits.

Lastly, now that the Federal Government has not been able to cope with the ending of the stimulus packages, we may be facing even more widespread financial distress. People tend to not seek care when they don’t have the financial resources to pay for it. I like to work with “good faith” (on my part as well as on yours), and so if you are experiencing financial distress and are contemplating forgoing care, please reach out to me.

If there was ever a time when so many people, and so many groups and institutions needed to come together for the common good, this is certainly that time.