COVID-19 10/15/2020

October 15, 2020

I haven’t posted in quite a while because my recommendations have not really changed. As predicted by epidemiologists and virologists, the virus is still circulating almost everywhere in the world, and continues to cause outbreaks. Even New Zealand, which was one of the most successful countries in terms of managing the initial wave, the relaxing of restrictions was followed by an increasing number of new cases prompting a resumption of restrictions, albeit in a more geographical focused way.

As I’m sure that you all realize, the United States has not managed the pandemic well at all, and we are now seeing a 3rd rise in case loads in many parts of the country, including newer areas in the midwest and rural areas of the country.

Connecticut, in the last two weeks, has seen a 102% rise in cases, along with smaller increases in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Although the Connecticut doubling seems drastic, we ae still in good control and my supposition is that the increase has mostly to do with the reopening of colleges and schools and will hopefully be temporary.

It clearly remains necessary to continue the use of masks, social distancing, hand-washing, and common sense. All of my previous recommendations still hold.

As for my practice, I have been very busy, even though I am working a reduced schedule, but other than counseling people about COVID, I haven’t treated anyone who I thought might have COVID-19 since I last posted. I have still not seen any patients inside of my office, but have seen 9 people outside the office door when a virtual visit would not have sufficed. Fortunately, the weather has cooperated.

I have purchased an air purifier, which provides both robust HEPA filtering with a single wavelength ultraviolet light and strong air exchange which should be effective in terms of virus particles as well as mold spores and other impurities. Together with scheduling in a way that avoids more than 3 people (including myself and Donna), 4 at the most being in my small office at one time, I should be able to see people in person (everyone masked, of course). I will try to continue to schedule as many people with virtual appointments as possible. Ironically, I get better non-verbal information from a virtual visit than a face-to-face but masked encounter. I also find that I am much more on time with my appointments since working virtually.

I look forward to the day when all this is behind us, but I don’t expect that day to arrive until next fall at the earliest, and possibly until spring of 2022. An effective vaccine might change that timetable, but that has not yet materialized.