Just a short post tonight:  Although cases nationwide are declining, COVID-19 is very much with us in the Northeast. We have been on somewhat of a plateau which may just be starting to break up, and lockdown restrictions are being lifted.  I hope that “returning towards normal” doesn’t generate another wave.

Vaccination rates are increasing, but it is likely that a substantial number of people will not be vaccinated.  That will reduce the likelihood of achieving “herd immunity.”

There are other places in the United States which are experiencing increases.  Michigan was a prominent example although it appears that things are starting to improve.

Internationally, we know that there is a very bad 3rd wave happening in India right now.  Many places in South America are also in desperate straits.

Aside from the many tragedies occurring in those places, we have to be concerned about the the development of mutated strains of Sars CoV-2 which could evade natural immunity (for those who have already had COVID-19 or evade vaccine-induced immunity.  Those strains can spread across the globe,

My basic message is that we cannot think that we are in the last stages of the pandemic.  Rather, we have to continue to be vigilant and maintain our innate immunity, whether vaccinated or not vaccinated.  We also have to use common sense. Please be careful.  If you consider eating inside a restaurant, make sure that social distancing rules are maintained, that ventilation is good, or even better eat outside wherever possible.  I would advise continuing to avoid large gatherings which include people that you don’t know.

Don’t throw away your masks.  Do use them when it is appropriate.  If you wonder if you should use one, use it.

There continues to be opinion contrary to the “conventional wisdom” out there.  Some of it is generated from the work of prominent scientists and cannot be quickly dismissed.  But when those opinions seem to deny what we see in the world, you have to question it.  Some people claim that the whole pandemic is a hoax.  But such claims are impossible to reconcile with what we have seen, now in India and South America, and recently in the United States.

We are all tired (“COVID fatigue”) but this is not the time to completely relax.