Retirement Notice 3/5/2022

This will not be the last notice before I retire on March 31, 2022.

Referrals:  I have not been able to find anyone to take over my practice, which is very similar to some of my colleagues around the country.  There are, however, some names that I can give you to pursue your homoeopathic care:

  • Florence McPherson ND, in Milford, CT Phone: 203 685 5795.   Doctor McPherson is well-trained, and I have met her personally.
  • Kathleen Cannon ND in Stonington, CT Phone: 860 772 6039.  Doctor Cannon, whom I have spoken to but have never met has agreed to take on my patients but has also informed me that she is making some changes in her practice and has put new patients on hold until May 2022.
  • Paul Herscu ND and Amy Rothenberg ND in Enfield, CT. phone 860 763 1225. Doctors Herscu and Rothenberg are very experienced practitioners, and I know them personally.
  • Homeopathy Help Now is a free or low-cost telehealth clinic which is staffed by current advanced students in the training program at the Academy of Homeopathy Education. I know the principals and some of the supervisors of the students and feel very good about giving you this resource.
  • Mark Brody MD in Providence RI, phone 401 861 4643. Brody, who I also know personally, is a well-trained and experienced practitioner but at present is practicing under the Rhode Island Medical Freedom Act as he objects to the Rhode Island mandate regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

In any case, please be assured that I will forward relevant records upon your request to any practitioner that you designate and am willing to speak with them regarding your case.

Medical Records:  Donna has been busy, but for those of you who have not requested records yet, I hope that you will get your requests to Donna before the end of this month.  After my retirement date, managing records transfers will gradually become increasingly slow.  Please contact Donna at the office for details.

Supplements:  The sources for the following supplements and some alternative sources are:

  • Vitamin D3 1000
    • or,
    • Klaire Labs: 1-888-488-2488 and press “O” for more options.  To purchase directly from them you can purchase as a “guest” (your information will not be saved) or set up and account from which you can more easily order, set up recurrent shipments, etc.  In this case your information will be saved (credit cards, etc.)
  • Vitamin D3 5000
    • Metagenics: As of April 1st, 2022, their system will maintain your existing accounts in a “Friends and Family” option.  That will maintain at least some of the discount that I have been providing you with.  This arrangement will be the same with all other products besides Vitamin D.
      For those of you who have had Donna place your orders, you will need to create an eCommerce account with Metagenics.  We will be sending you instructions on how to do that.
  • Vitamin K2
  • Strontium
  • Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamin 1 mg/dropperful) 4 oz. bottles
    • – The Klaire Labs 1 mg per serving, 4 oz bottle can be found by searching on “methylcobalamin” and scrolling down the page. They also sell a 5 mg per serving but I do not recommend this.  Or,
    • Klaire Labs (see above)
  • Inositol Powder: The dose for those of you taking this has usually been 12 grams daily.  If you wish to purchase directly through Standard Process you will need to contact them to find a local practitioner as they do not sell directly to the public.  Inositol is available on many other online sites, and Now Foods, a widely distributed retail brand has a product, but for other than the Standard Process brand you may need to revise the number of teaspoons to maintain the dose I’d recommended.
  • Iodoral:
  • Phytogen

Primary Care Status:  As is proper, I now receive copies of lab tests and X-rays from various hospitals that perform studies on my patients, even those ordered by other doctors, because the hospital or lab lists me as your “primary care provider” (PCP) in their medical records.  Once I am retired, however, I should not be receiving medical records.  I will try to inform the sources of these documents of my retiremen in advance, but I may not think of all of them, and I can’t guarantee that the medical records departments will handle this efficiently.  This is also an issue for refills of medicines that I have prescribed for you.

You can help this process along by informing the laboratories, emergency rooms, urgent care-clinics, pharmacies, etc., that I am no longer your PCP and let them know who has assumed this position on your behalf.