Select “Administrative questions” for appointments (including for new patients), remedies and supplements, etc., and “Medical Questions” for medical reports, questions about treatments, etc.” Please use the telephone for urgent calls. I also welcome feedback on the website.

Please note that anything you send by regular email is not considered to be adequately protected by current federal law.  I have set up a secure email portal for my patients.

Items marked with an * are required.

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Email Policy

9/26/2011 — From now on, my patients should only email using the secure platform that I set up today.  If you have not had registered, please let me know and I will re-send your invitation.

I have a busy practice and will only correspond with my patients. I simply do not have time, nor is it ethical to answer questions related to health concerns for people I am not caring for.  If I cannot clearly identify you by your screen name or by the subject heading of your message, I will not respond. If you wish to correspond with me on another matter, please make the subject obvious in the email header.

My patients should not depend on email to communicate information which requires an urgent response. I do not necessarily check email on a daily basis, nor are computers and web-hosting services alway reliable. If you are attempting to contact me urgently, and I do not respond in a timely fashion, I have probably not received your message. Please call the office or answering service.

My patients can request appointments, laboratory tests, supplies, etc., by using email. Such email requests should go directly to Donna at .

From a medico-legal standpoint, email communications between doctor and patient are subject to the same obligations as are any other form of contact. It is required that I maintain records, and to maintain the proper standard of care. While convenient for the patient, and in some ways for me, there is much more involved than simply dashing off a response.

For this reason, email regarding patient care may be charged for as for telephone consultations.