In this section you will find any interesting information I have come across which I think is timely and at least somewhat urgent to know.

A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine discussed various aspects of the Influenza immunization strategies.

The full article can be read here.

In summary, the current flu season in Australia has shown very poor protection from the current vaccine, with an estimated effectiveness of 10%.  That is well below the usual 40-60% effectiveness that is more typical.  The vaccine used in Australia is identical to the one being used currently in the United States.

Because the flu virus mutates readily, one cannot assume that our experience this winter will mirror that of Australia.  The article discusses various technical issues that are involved. Those issues are thought to be related to the “low effectiveness” of last year’s flu vaccine.

Please see my article on Influenza for other ways to improve your immune response.

Flu Season 2017-2018

November 28, 2017

Flu season is upon us, and the current data (up to November 18th) show that Massachusetts is showing “regional” outbreaks (just less than “widespread”). Otherwise it is mostly southern states that are showing significant activity.


Vitamin D, good hygiene, and common sense will go a long way.


Vaccination helps some people, but not well enough to rely upon to the exclusion of other measures.


For those of you using influenzinum, you may certainly begin.


More information, as usual, can be found on the Influenza article <>

on my website.

This film has been shown extensively in Europe, and is just coming to North America.

The website for the film can be found here.  Showings are being organized by local supporters of homeopathy, and all showing are supposed to have someone available to answer questions.  To cover the expenses of showing the movie at a commercial cinema, a minimum number of tickets must be sold.  I have purchased more tickets than I can use in order to support the effort, and I am hoping to promote the film here and in my alerts system.

There will be two showings in Connecticut — one on October 16th, at the BowTie Cinema in New Haven.  For tickets, click here.  As of this writing, only 10 more tickets need to be purchased in order to guarantee the showing.

The other showing will be in Hartford, at the Palace 17 Cinema on October 26th.  For tickets, click here.  50 additional tickets will be needed to guarantee that session.

Unfortunately, homeopathy is under attack in a number of places in the world today, most notably in England and Australia.  There are troubling indications that the same thing is happening in the USA.  I hope that this film is seen by a wide audience.  Thank you for your support.


Flu season is clearly upon us, as of the last 2 weeks. Please refer to my flu article on my website for the usual strategies.

I see that last year’s flu notice also contained references to cellphone radiation.  Since then, more information has surfaced regarding electromagnetic field radiation in general.  This would include cellphones, blue-tooth devices, wireless networking, and other sources of radiation, such as electrical “smart” meters used by the power company.  One of my sensitive patients could tell that my meter, unbeknownst to me, had been “upgraded” to the newer meters which cause more trouble for sensitive patients.  I don’t have time right now to make a list of current research validating this point easy to get to, but if anyone is curious, email me and I’ll put it together and post it.

As of the week ending 5/21/2016 (latest data available), Flu is no longer widespread in Connecticut or the other New England states (although it is still is in New York).  We were the last region to to be hit by this season’s epidemic, and are the last region for it to wind down in.  At this point we can consider it to be on it’s last legs, if not pretty much over.

Regarding the adverse health effects of cell phone and wireless radiations, I urge you to go to this posting at Natural News, which should give us all something to think about.

It has become common for women to hold their phones in their bra.  Men tend to place it in their front pockets.  If we don’t use the speaker function or ear-buds or (which emit electromagnetic frequency radiation as well), then the cell phone is right next to our brain when in use.

These all seem like bad ideas, and especially for children and teenagers, whose reproductive organs and brains are still developing.

I have several patients for whom both cellphone and wireless frequencies are very poorly tolerated.  They are probably like the “canaries in the coal mine,” more susceptible than the rest of us, but we are all being affected.

4/5/2015 — About a week ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all drug products in this country, including homeopathic medicines, announced a 2 day public hearing which will take place on April 20th and 21st in Maryland.

The announcement can be found here:

In the announcement, a number of issues have been raised.  The homeopathic community has been preparing for this for some time, and since the announcement there has been quite a bit of additional preparation taking place.

There are some in the community who believe that there is an unstated agenda, and even if this is not the case, there are virulent anti-homeopathic medicine detractors out there who will seize any opportunity to denigrate homeopathic practice.

I’m writing you in the hopes that you will take the time to send written comments on your experience with homeopathy to the FDA.

I think that what is important to be said by homeopathic patients is that they have experienced benefit from these medicines (only if that is true for you, of course), and that you consider your access to bona-fide, regulated products at the “over-the-counter” level as well as from your homeopathic practitioner.

These do not need to be long or detailed.  It is by sheer volume that such letters may succeed.

To submit electronically, go to:

To submit written comments, send them to:  Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305),

Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061,

Rockville, MD 20852

In both cases, refer to [Docket No. FDA-2015-N-0540] in the header of your email or at the top of your written comments.

The announcement itself also contains information on the live webcast of the event, as well as on the availability of transcripts.

Please circulate this notice to anyone whom you think may be interested in responding.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Dr. Shevin

As of mid-January 2015, I will be discontinuing my subscription to which has been providing my patients with a secure messaging platform (as required by the federal HIPAA statutes).

PracticeFusion (my electronic health record [EHR]) now has a functioning secure messaging platform, that all my patients have access to provided that they create an account through PatientFusion, Only my patients have access to this platform.

To date, 624 people have done so. This undoubtedly represents more people as there are many families in my practice, but since I have approximately 1300 people in the electronic system (which I started in 2010), some of you have not signed up.

When I message you thruough the EHR, a notification will appear in your regular email in-box.  Unfortunately, as of now, no such notification appears in my regular email inbox when you message me.  This may change in the future, but for now there may be certain situation when I cannot access my EHR’s messaging system.  An example would be that when I am out for the evening, with only my cellphone, and do not have access to a computer.

It is also a lot easier for me to check email than it is my EHR messages.

Please remember that email, including the PatientFusion messaging system, is not the proper way to reach me in any kind of urgent situation.  In such cases, call my office number, press “O” during the voice message, and leave a message with the human operator who answers.  For a less urgent situation, if you send a report through PatientFusion that  you need me to read before the office opens next, also send a regular email to

If you need help registering with PatientFusion, Donna will be happy to help you out.  She can be reached at the office or at her email:  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Some day this system will replace my health alerts, but for the moment, if you haven’t signed up for that, please let Donna know and she will help you.

There is not much to report since the last alert.

This year’s epidemic has not begun in the Northeast yet, but you can see from the CDC flu site, especially the map at the bottom of the page, that flu is widespread in parts of the southern US and the next several weeks will certainly be showing flu advancing around the country.

There are concerns about this year’s vaccines, as are described here.  Although the future is difficult to predict, a worse than usual season is certainly possible.  The CDC is warning physicians to be alert to flu-like illness and to consider prescribing anti-viral drugs (Tamiflu, for example) to young infants and anyone who is immunocompromised.  Although the effects of such medications are relatively minor in healthy persons (an illness which is shortened by one day), in the immunocompromised population the drug can be lifesaving.  For a clear description of what constitutes the immunocompromised population, please see this article

So, as usual, during the epidemic practice good sense (avoid crowded places where exposure to people with flu is more likely), use good hygiene (hand washing in particular, sneezing into your elbow rather than your hands), stay up on your vitamin D (5000 – 10,000 units a day during the season) unless you know that your levels are already in the high normal range), good nutrition, adequate sleep, etc.

The flu article on my website is still relevant, although I have not updated it since 2009’s swine flu scare.

Influenza October 2014

October 20, 2014

As I have had at least one patient with confirmed flu, and a couple of others whom I suspect may have had it, it is time to raise awareness of the coming epidemic. Those of you who use the homeopathic preparation Influenzinum should begin now. The protocol hasn’t changed — once a day for 3 days, and then once a week for the duration of the epidemic.

It is not clear as yet whether we are going to see occasional cases for a while, with the real epidemic to come later (the usual scenario) or whether the epidemic will peak early this year.

Please refer the flu article on my website for more basic information regarding flu. I haven’t updated this article for several years, but the basic information is still valid.

Don’t forget to maintain Vitamin D status, to use proper hygiene, and in the event of a widespread epidemic, to use common sense.

I will write further as time permits, and will also comment on Ebola virus.

Influenza 3/24/2014

March 24, 2014

Flu season is winding down everywhere but southern New England, New York and New Jersey.  Perhaps our wonderful weather has something to do with it.  I have seen (mostly over the phone) about 10-20 people who have had what I gather is the flu, usually starting with some nausea, vomiting and sometimes with diarrhea, and then sometimes going on to moderate respiratory complications.  There have been no hospitalizations or severe cases.


It might be too early to stop Influenzinum.

I will keep watching the data.

It will end here soon…