Fees and Policies

Fee Schedule · effective Sept 1, 2019

Initial Consultation (1.5 – 2 hr.) $450.00
Initial Consultation,  (1 hr.) $280.00
Standard Re-Visit (1/2 hour) $140.00
Extended Re-visit (45 min) $205.00
Intermediate Re-Visit (15 min.) $85.00
Brief Re-Visit $55.00
Telephone (and email) consults Charged at Physician’s Discretion
“Escrow Fund” Voluntary Contribution (included in fee) $1.00

All fees are based upon time.  More lengthy consultations may incur a higher fee, proportionate to the time spent.

The Escrow Fund

The Escrow Fund is created by my taking a dollar from each charge, and quarterly transferring that amount to a medical organization of my choice. Organizations to whom I have contributed from this fund include the National Center for Homeopathy and the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States, as well as Doctors Without Borders, Homeopaths Without Borders, Physicians for Human Rights, and the American Institute of Homeopathy.

Much of the development of conventional medicine comes from either drug companies or from the United States government through tax revenues. Homeopathy does not get money from the government, and the homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers, though they contribute as much as they can, are minuscule in relation to the major drug companies. It is vitally important, then, that the development of homeopathy be funded through other means.

Your contribution is voluntary and if you do not wish to make it, please let me know. Alternatively, if you wish to increase your contribution, also let me know.

Nutritional Supplements — In keeping with accepted medical ethics, I do not seek to make a profit on any nutritional supplements that I recommend and carry, either in the office or in my “online store.”  My price reflects only my costs, which are primarily the price I pay to the manufacturer or supplier, and the amount of time that Donna spends dealing with the various aspects of being able to provide and manage this aspect of my practice, and some miscellaneous costs such as postage, packaging, etc.


Medical services are highly individualized and the benefits of treatment depend on a thorough understanding of your case. In complicated cases more than the usual amount of time may be necessary to arrive at this understanding, and the charge may therefore be greater.

Appointments: An appointment is an agreement between us. I am responsible to be present and to provide services to the best of my ability, or inform you otherwise. You are responsible for keeping the appointment, or giving me at least 24 hours notice of cancellation (3 working days in the case of a first visit.) I do not overbook appointments, and reserve the right to charge for missed appointments without adequate notice of cancellation.

Payment: Payment is required at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If you have health insurance I will submit the claim to your carrier, which will then reimburse you according to the terms of your contract. I do not participate in the State of Connecticut’s Husky program, nor Medicaid. See below to review my insurance reimbursement policies.

Overdue Accounts If your account becomes more than 90 days overdue, I will contact you to arrange a payment plan. I understand that circumstances change, and am very tolerant in terms of payment if I can trust that you are acting in good faith. For me, that means that you will inform me that you are not able to pay in full and will arrange a payment plan, and then follow that plan.

After hours coverage: Because of teaching and educational commitments, I am not able to provide “primary care” at this time. I will not always be available in emergencies, and do not admit patients to hospitals. I will endeavor to have another homeopathic physician available to you when I am away, but distance from that practitioner may make providing emergency services problematic. In the case of an emergency you may need to go to the hospital emergency department. Please use your judgment in this matter.

Telephone consultations and Email consultations: I will generally not charge for a telephone call, email, or internal practice fusion message when they are brief and involve a simple judgment or a quick follow-up to a previous visit. Otherwise, I reserve the right to charge for these encounters based upon time and the complexity of the problem. These will generally not be reimbursable through your insurance.

Rights: You have the right to be treated with courtesy, respect, and dignity, and to understand my analysis of your problems and the treatment plan. Please feel free to ask any questions necessary to achieve this understanding.

I sometimes have health professionals and medical students as visitors or in training, who wish to be exposed to or learn homeopathic medicine. You have the right to refuse such observation.

Your medical records are confidential and I will require a written release from you before I give them to any outside agency.

Should I  prepare journal articles or give talks at professional meetings utilizing information regarding your case and your treatment, neither your name nor address or any other identifying information will be used.

Insurance Reimbursement

Your medical insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. My relationship is directly with you. I do not work for your insurance company, but rather for you. As such, I wish to be paid directly by you, and you will receive reimbursement from directly from your insurance company, according to the terms of your policy. I believe that this arrangement keeps all the obligations and responsibilities clear and minimizes the problems that otherwise distorted relationships might otherwise pose for the healing process. For a further discussion regarding medical insurance, please see the entry on the journal page of my website.

Medicare: I am presently a non-participating physician in the Medicare program. This means that I will see Medicare patients, submit claim forms as required by law, and abide by their limiting charge provisions. I do not generally accept assignment, although I will in individual cases according to need.

Connecticut Medicaid (including Husky): I am not a provider in the Medicaid program, but tests and referrals I make will be covered if you have this type of insurance.

Blue Cross: I am a participating physician but do not belong to any networks, IPO, PPO, etc. If your plan allows you to be reimbursed for seeing “out of network” providers, then you may receive reimbursement for your visit to me, subject to the limitations of your deductible, co-pay, etc.

Health Maintenance Organizations: Because I do not admit to hospitals, and because I feel that the HMO model is fundamentally flawed (owing to the extreme pressure such plans place on the doctor-patient relationship) I have chosen not to belong to any such groups.

Other insurance plans: If your plan allows you to see any physician, then you can be reimbursed for your visits to me, subject to any applicable co-payments and deductibles. It is also worth stating that medical, or “health” insurance, cannot actually insure your “health,” but rather is a means of financing medical care. Only you can insure your health by correcting any existing problems, eliminating or compensating for any “unhealthful” stresses in your life, and by living a life of awareness, involvement, and meaning.

Email Policy

I have a busy practice and will only correspond with my patients. I simply do not have time, nor is it ethical to answer questions related to health concerns for people I am not caring for.  If I cannot clearly identify you by your screen name or by the subject heading of your message, I will not respond. If you wish to correspond with me on another matter, please make the subject obvious in the email header.

My patients should not depend on email to communicate information which requires an urgent response. I do not necessarily check email on a daily basis on weekends.  The same is true for my secure messaging system (within my electronic health record) which my patients have access to.

My patients may request return telephone calls, appointments, or laboratory tests by email, using Donna’s mailbox.

From a medico-legal standpoint, email communications between doctor and patient are subject to the same obligations as are any other form of contact. It is required that I maintain records, and to maintain the proper standard of care. While convenient for the patient, and in some ways for me, there is much more involved than simply dashing off a response.

For this reason, email and internal messaging  may be charged for as for telephone consultations.

Please also note regular email is not necessarily secure.  All of my patients have access to PatientFusion, the secure internal messaging system of my electronic record.  If you send me personal health information by regular email, I will regard this as your legal consent for me to respond, waiving your rights to privacy under the HIPAA legislation.