What to expect at the first visit

You will have filled out a questionnaire, which you have either downloaded from the website or which has been sent to you by mail. This will be reviewed at your visit, partially during and partially after we have discussed your concerns. It is important for me to hear the story directly from you.

The interview itself is much like any other medical interview, but it will focus not only on the particular symptoms of your complaint or problem, but more importantly on the circumstances in which the problem came on, and all the various symptoms and states which relate to the problem. Fever, for example, may occur at certain times of day, may be accompanied by heat, or chill, or perspiration, or dryness of the skin, with or without thirst, with pallor or flushing, anxiety, irritability, lethargy, restlessness, sleepiness, agitation, etc. You will have received in the mail, with the questionnaire, a pamphlet entitled “How to Report Symptoms.” Please read this so as to understand the type of information that is important.

It is my experience that the best results in homeopathy come from a thorough understanding, not just of the individual symptoms, but of the way that these symptoms are expressed, the circumstances under which they are expressed,, and why they are expressed in this particular way. In other words, it is necessary to understand the “story,” or underlying logic. Once this is understood, it will be necessary to pick an approach to the treatment, and to focus the case according to that approach.

The analysis and the approach will be arrived at collaboratively in discussion with you. At that point, a homeopathic remedy will be selected which “matches” the focused symptoms, and generally will be administered at the time of the visit.

A follow up appointment will be made, the interval to depend on the circumstances, but generally in 4-8 weeks.