Since the attack on America that took place
on Sept. 11, 2001, it seems that everything has changed. We have all
been immensely saddened, angered, and made anxious by these events. One
can only hope that the world’s reaction will include justice for all
people, all over the world, and not just retribution and punishment for
the perpetrators of the attacks.

As horrible as it may be to consider the possibility of
further attack on our country by terrorists, it would be foolish not to
consider it at all. Even more horrible is the idea that biological or
chemical agents could be used in such acts.

A colleague, Eileen Nauman, who works with Native
Americans in the southwest, has researched the possible homeopathic
treatments for various threats. Her site is A copy of her pages is available in my office for your review.

After observing the anthrax cases over the last few weeks,
it seems to me that the problem is somewhat overblown. It is hard to
catch anthrax, and so far, the level of sophistication of the
perpetrators seems rather low. Some time ago, there was a leak of
weapons grade anthrax into the environment at a Russian biological
weapons plant, causing the death of 68 people. While even one death
from such activity is unconscionable, even the poorly functioning
Russian public health system was able to contain the epidemic at that

Since I wrote this page, initially, there are now 15
confirmed cases of the disease. While the means of spread is still not
clear, I don’t see a fundamental reason to change my assessment.

The homeopathic community is responding to the threat of
bioterrorism. More information can be found at the website of the
National Center for Homeopathy, on a page dedicated to bioterrorism.

I will continue to update this page as more news and responses develop.

Other bacterial and viral weapons are even more difficult to prepare, handle, and deliver.

In an epidemic, homeopathy can be used effectively as
treatment and as a preventative. The best preventative are remedies
commonly needed in that particular epidemic. This “genus epidemicus”
becomes apparent once several patients have been effectively treated.
Any other method of selecting a prophylactic (preventative remedy) is
at best guesswork. Using homeopathy in this tried and true way helped
establish homeopathy in it’s early stages of development, in the
treatment of malaria, cholera, influenza, scarlet fever, measles,
whooping cough, and other epidemic infectious diseases.